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Bibliothèque Type Fragrance Oil

Atmosphere of a world suspended in time. A world of old books, the scent of their leather-bound pages arranged on dark wood shelves. A lavish fragrance that refreshens the spirit of wisdom. Ultra-popular, true phenomenon. Produced with Patchouli essential oil. Inspired by: Bibliothèque – Byredo

Black Saffron Type Fragrance Oil

This fragrance beautifully details the grandeur of unity in the world through its oriental allure. Reaching the heart of black violet, leather accord, and a delicate highlight of Cristal rose, it moves gently to its warm base of blonde woods, raspberry, and Haitian vetiver. Saffron is holy to all Hindus, is the color of Buddhist robes and has become a symbol for India. Produced with Lemon and Cedarwood essential oils. Inspired by: Black Saffron – Byredo

Fireside Type Fragrance Oil

BEST SELLER! A warm and rich blend of cedarwood, sandalwood, leather with rich notes of amber and musk. Produced with Cedarwood essential oil. Inspired by: Fireside – Bath & Body Works

Genuine Leather Fragrance Oil

The familiar scent of fresh leather. The luxurious aroma of genuine leather is beautifully illustrated through notes of rich, sensual leather, saffaron, musk, and amber.  Clean and nostalgic. Produced with Gurjun balsam oil.

Smoked Vanilla Type Fragrance Oil

An intriguing, rustic and masculine fragrance that balances smoke and creamy vanilla notes with spices to tone down the sweetness generally found in vanilla based fragrances. Smoked Tahitian vanilla intermeshes with desert sandalwood and soft supple leather. A truly unique and richly exotic blend! Inspired by: Smoked Vanilla – Bath & Body Works

Suede Blanc Type Fragrance Oil

A luxe fragrance that mirrors high end men's cologne. Elegant and powerful, it blends together deep leather and rich cedar notes. Produced with Patchouli essential oil. Inspired by: Suede Blanc - Voluspa

Thunderstorm Fragrance Oil

Refreshing citruses, tart lime notes, crisp bergamot and fresh-cut green scents intertwine with the fresh scent of lily of the valley blooms in the rain, beautiful rose tones, sweet jasmine and clean lavender notes. Fresh clean air nuances of ozone, and the clearing freshness of sky washed air blends together to unite, enhance and complete this fragrant accord.