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Honeydew Melon Fragrance Oil

BEST SELLER! Fresh and sweet, a charming fragrance that captures the juicy essence of ripened honeydew melon. Cheerful and full of sunshine. Produced with Orange essential oil.

Pineapple Punch Type Fragrance Oil

BEST SELLER! A tropical blend of sweet, juicy pineapple, mango sorbet and coconut water. Produced with Orange essential oil from Florida. Inspired by: Pineapple Punch – Bath & Body Works / Slatkin

Zen Fragrance Oil

Zen is a fragrance oil that is designed to promote feelings of calmness and peace. The top notes of juicy melon are refreshing and uplifting, while the middle notes of peony, rose, violet and white cherry blossom are soothing and calming. The base notes of vanilla add a touch of warmth. This fragrance is perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere in your home or office. It can also help to focus and meditate.