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Amber Glow Type Fragrance Oil

A warm oriental aroma of patchouli and vanilla with soft florals of rose and rosewood. Produced with Geranium, Gurjun, Patchouli and Orange essential oils. Inspired by: Amber Glow – Yankee Candle

Chamomile Fragrance Oil

Wonderful aroma of freshly picked chamomile flowers with hints of fresh green herbs. Exotic floral with fresh citrus followed with sweet hints of jasmine and violet. The drydown consists of sandalwood and soothing musk.

Dancing Waters Type Fragrance Oil

This refreshing, floral, and musky fragrance captures the scent of new rain over fresh flowers with citrus and floral notes. A refreshing scent with crisp mint leaves and clean citrus. Fresh flowers and cool water notes open to a light musky background. Produced with Lemon essential oil. Inspired by: Dancing Waters – Bath & Body Works

Masculine Musk Fragrance Oil

BEST SELLER! A irresistible masculine fragrance that brings together crisp citrus, sensual rosewood, and musk. A sweet, sophisticated masculine blend. Produced with Cedarwood essential oil.

Palm Leaves Type Fragrance Oil

Palm tree-dotted beaches and bright sunny days. Fresh, clean, slightly crisp blend of aloe, palm leaves and spring florals. Produced with Lemon essential oil. Inspired by: Palm Leaves – Bath & Body Works